If you might be charged with a crime, you have no time to waste. Do not think of answering questions from the police or even discussing situation with police without the help of an experienced criminal lawyer. More often than not, talking to the prosecution makes the situation worse. The best defense is to avoid being charged.

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Handling criminal charges

Every case is different and depends entirely on the facts. Yet, cases fall into clear patterns. With child pornography, for instance, accused persons generally do not appreciate the seriousness of the crimes. In other kinds of cases (e.g., narcotics), people find themselves charged simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If there is some evidence of criminal responsibility, I get the charge reduced to the lowest reasonably possible.I have tried cases to not guilty verdicts and hung juries, where the prosecution simply gives up. If necessary, I brief and argue appeals. I have obtained “successful” results in over one-third of the cases that I have appealed. (If we meet, I will tell you the meaning of “success.”)

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